International LPG Trading and Pricing - Supply, Shipping Contracts and Risk Management - LP2 

CPE Credits Awarded: 32
Categories: Oil Industry, LPG, Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP) Approved Course

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TD2-AOXF16 03 Oct 2016 5 Days Oxford, UK Country: gb
£ (GBP)3,350.00+20%VAT (course fee only)
TD2-AOXF16-AC 03 Oct 2016 5 Days Oxford, UK Country: gb
£ (GBP)4,220.00(course fee+20%VAT & accommodation)

Gold Course This course aims to provide a thorough understanding of the international supply and economic factors affecting LPG marketing and trading. Presented in association with Richardson Lawrie Associates - a maritime economics and business consulting firm with extensive global practice in chemicals trade, shipping and transportation economics. The course will analyse "workshop style", the international production and consumption outlook, pricing fundamentals, logistical needs and the available tools for price risk management.

Please note: a laptop and up-to-date version of Office would be an advantage in order to engage in market data; however it is not essential.

What You Will Learn

  • Regional LPG production developments and the economic and political factors affecting LPG trading and marketing
  • The key role of shipping and terminals and alternative product trading strategies
  • The different forms of sale and purchase contracts and charter parties
  • The techniques of LPG trading, hedging and price risk management

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This specialised course is for executives involved, directly or indirectly, with LPG supply, operations, shipping and international trading. Also, managers wanting a structured LPG business management training programme, linking The Oxford Princeton Programme courses are encouraged to attend.

Worldwide Business and Supply Sources

  • Regional trends and key international markets
  • Global LPG supply/demand balances and project developments

Understanding the Market

  • LPG distributor businesses: for domestic, commercial and transport
  • Large volume outlets: refinery alkylation, gasoline components and petrochemicals; pricing, economics and competitive options
  • Size of international trade and trade flow patterns


  • Ship owners, ship types, and balances
  • Fleet development, flexibility, economics

Terminals and Storage

  • Seaboard facilities in operation
  • Use, regional deficiencies, world trade effect and implications; economics
  • Pipeline Distribution of LPG
  • The North American NGL market, terminals and pipeline system
  • Other LPG pipelines

The Trading Business

  • Major players
  • Buyer/seller strategies
  • Factors affecting trade

Creative International Trading

  • Physical, forward and futures markets
  • Deal types and techniques
  • Negotiating and decision making

LPG Pricing in World Markets

  • Key locations, formulae, rationale and durability
  • Netback analysis and arbitrage

Price Risk Management

  • Pricing and payment instruments; options and hedging strategies; finance and credit

Case Studies

  • There will be several case studies for work syndicates


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