LPG - Supply, Economics, Markets and International Trading - LP1 

CPE Credits Awarded: 40
Categories: Oil Industry, LPG

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Gold CourseLPG - the by-product multifarious fuel and feedstock. This course provides an intensive, wide-ranging knowledge based decision support workshop for business professionals operating in the world of LPG. The course is heavily case study oriented with opportunities to work on value chains through alternative business strategies and disposal options, assessing market values, shipping economics and a trading simulation game. This is a decision support workshop bringing together issues critical to today's LPG supply chain. Particular emphasis is placed on presentations and case studies developed by professionals in the LPG sector. It is held in association with Richardson Lawrie Associates with a highly qualified team including the former Business Director for BP's European LPG companies, a Senior partner in a pre-eminent firm of London lawyers, a senior chemicals industry Consultant, a former energy futures broker with Goldman Sachs and physical trading specialist with Texaco and Elf and the senior trade, shipping and contract partners from RLA.

Please note: a laptop and up-to-date version of Office would be an advantage in order to engage in market data; however it is not essential.

What you will learn

  • Market fundamentals - where does LPG sit within the oil and gas sector
  • Price determinants - do chemicals still provide the price floor?
  • The effect of new supply sources and pricing structures on international trade
  • Trading methods, contractual practices
  • Shipping contracts and economics - where does it fit and what influences rate developments

Delegates encouraged to attend include commercial, operations and marketing staff, planners, economists and government officials. The course is also of value to managers or potential managers, new entrants to the business, or those transferring from other energy sectors.

Production and Consumption Fundamentals, Pricing

  • Sources and production of LPG internationally; demand by region/country and end use sector; new regional production
  • Downstream markets
  • Pricing influences, competing fuels

The Importance of LPG Properties in Different Downstream Markets

  • Olefins
  • Use as Autogas such as calorific values
  • Burning Characteristics
  • Liquefiability characteristics - supercriticality

The LPG: Value Chain

  • Characteristics, extracting value
  • Inbound and outbound logistics
  • Procurement
  • Infrastructure

LPG in Petrochemicals Around the World

  • Demand for LPG as a petrochemicals feedstock, the impact of the chemicals sector on pricing, pricing versus other feedstocks Price Assessments
  • Approach to determining daily quoted prices
  • Problems and issues

Quantified Risk Assessments

  • Risk quantification and probabilities
  • Application to event 'triggers'
  • Using financial resources
  • Media approaches

International Trade and Shipping

  • International trade developments
  • Shipping supply and demand
  • The structure of the shipping sector, who does what;
  • Rate determinants
  • Commercial contract decisions and economics

Commodity Sale and Purchase Contracts

  • Incorporated and express terms
  • Practical suggestions
  • Contracts in a typical trade
  • Using posted prices and indices
  • Selling and buying in varying market circumstances

Price Risk Management - Paper Instruments

  • Futures, forwards, swaps and options
  • Hedgers and speculators
  • Brokers and exchanges

Workshops, Case Studies and Business Games

  • Introduced frequently throughout the course


Course Director


“The course was extremely beneficial. I found the course instructors and guest lecturers to be experts in their fields. ” H.F., Qatar Petroleum

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